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How To Download Python

This is a step-by-step guide, which will instruct you that how you will download, install, and start Python.

How you can download Python

As you know Python is a open source programming software, which comes under GPL (General Public License) which means its completely free to download and use.

Let's start with our step-by-step guide

Firstly we need to download Python software, For that follow the steps given below.

  1. Go to
  2. how-to-download-python
  3. Now as you see a yellow color download button displays on the screen
    click on it and your python software will start downloading.
  4. After the downloading complete, click the python.exe file.
How to install python
  1. Now click on the Python.exe file which you have downloaded.
  2. After clicking on Python.exe, a window will open in which you need to click Install Now. As you see in the image below.
  3. Python-installation
  4. After clicking on Install Now button your installation will start.
  5. installation-proccese-python
  6. After installing, click on Close (Shown Below The Window)
  7. Python-installation

Congratulations, You have successfully download and install python software

Getting start with Python

After installation is successfully completed ,you can start python in the following ways

(a). Python shell-Interactive mode (Command-line) Python Shell is used to execute a single python command and get the result in the same window.

(b). Python Editor-Script mode (Integrated Devel-opment Environment-IDLE) IDLE is a simple Integrated Development Learning Environment that comes with Python. It allows the user to edit, run browse and debug a Python program.

Congratulations you have successfully started python.

Syntax of Python