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Python MCQ 01

1. Is Python case sensitive when dealing with identifiers?
a) no
b) yes
c) machine dependent
d) none of the mentioned
Answer: b
2. Which of the following is the correct extension of the Python file?
a) .python
b) .pl
c) .py
d) .p
Answer: c
3. Is Python code compiled or interpreted?
a) Python code is both compiled and interpreted
b) Python code is neither compiled nor interpreted
c) Python code is only compiled
d) Python code is only interpreted
Answer: a
4. Who developed Python Programming Language?
a) Wick van Rossum
b) Rasmus Lerdorf
c) Guido van Rossum
d) Niene Stom
Answer: c
5. Which type of Programming does Python support?
a) object-oriented programming
b) structured programming
c) functional programming
d) all of the mentioned
Answer: d
6. Which of the following character is used to give single-line comments in Python?
a) //
b) #
c) !
d) /*
Answer: b
7. Which keyword is used for function in Python language?
a) Function
b) def
c) Fun
d) Define
Answer: b
8. Which of the following is used to define a block of code in Python language?
a) Indentation
b) Key
c) Brackets
d) All of the mentioned
Answer: a
9. All keywords in Python are in _________
a) Capitalized
b) lower case
d) None of the mentioned
Answer: d
10. Which of the following functions can help us to find the version of python that we are currently working on?
a) sys.version(1)
b) sys.version(0)
c) sys.version()
d) sys.version
Answer: d